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Da Farmacy is partnered with Phat Buddha Productions, St. Louis’ top recording studio. Now you can purchase your new beat and then roll right into a World class studio to record, mix, and master your project. Phat Buddha not only has newly updated, state-of-the-art recording equipment, they also have the comforts of home to encourage creativity.

The Lounge

While Phat Buddha has top-quality studios & equipment, they know that recording is only part of the process. There must be creativity, which often happens in between recordings. So, they’ve thought of everything. From a rehearsal area to a lounge equipped with plenty of amenities, Phat Buddha’s artists always feel comfortable.

The creative process is not always easy, and long hours of recording can be tiring. Hungry? Because the studio is located in the heart of Downtown St. Louis you can enjoy one of the many fine St. Louis restaurants that are just minutes away. Need a break? Blow off some steam on the dance floors at some of the hottest clubs in St. Louis, or just relax on our sofas and watch TV or play a video game. Need to check your email? Sit down at a computer workstation and get online.

Phat Buddha provides the perfect balance of atmosphere, enthusiastic staff, and top of the line recording equipment to produce high quality results for any project.
Phat Buddha Productions does not just record. they participate in the development of artists. Phat Buddha understand that music goes further than an album: it is an extension of the artist.

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