Frequently Asked Questions

What is a non-exclusive beat?

A non-exclusive beat is a beat where the producer still has rights to the instrumental. Non-exclusive beats are for mixed tapes, live shows, and radio commercials ONLY. The non-exclusive beat can be leased again until it is bought as an Exclusive beat. Purchasers do not have any rights to this beat.

What is an Exclusive beat?

An Exclusive beat is a beat that the artist will have full rights to own, no limits. The beat will not be sold again. You also have the right to have the full beat tracked out.

How long do I have to wait for my beat?

As soon you buy the beats you will receive a download link in an email. If this is your first or second purchase, the email might be in your junk or spam email box, please check it. If you still don’t have the email with your beats, please contact us.

What do I have to do if I buy an Exclusive beat and want it tracked out?

Contact Da Farmacy immediately using the contact form on our site, or you can email us or call us at 314-231-3930. At that time we will discuss the options for your Exclusive Beat

Can I track out a non-exclusive beat?

No, you cannot track out a non-exclusive beat.

Can I put leases on an album?

No, you cannot use leases for for-profit purposes. You can only use leases for demos, mixed tapes, live shows, or radio commercials ONLY.

Are beats removed from the website once they have been bought?

Beats are automatically removed from the website if they have been bought as an exclusive beat or if they have been leased more than two times.

Can you provide live instruments?

Yes, contact us for more details.

Do you offer packaged deals on beats?

Yes, contact us for more details.

Can I schedule a listening session?

Yes, a listening session is $20.00 per hour. If you purchase a beat we will deduct the listening session fee from the price of the beat.

Can you provide any other artists for my track?

Yes, details can be worked out on a per song contract. Contact us for more information.

How many times do you lease a beat?

No more than twice. If a track is leased two times, it is no longer available for Exclusive sale.

What happens is two people try to buy the same beat?

Our beats are first come, first serve so two people cannot buy the same beat at the same time.

What are the differences between the MP3, WAV and Tracked Out beats?

MP3 is a lower quality file compared to the high quality WAV file. Tracked Out means each instrumental element of the beat is separated into different tracks.

Which Tracked Out audio files will come with my beat?

WAV files are used for Tracked Out beats.

Why do only some beats have WAV or Tracked Out versions available?

Exclusive beats have WAV or Tracked Out versions available. Non-exclusive beats are typically MP3 files.

Can I change up the beat after I buy it?

If you have leased your beat, no, you cannot change it. If you have purchased an Exclusive beat, you can make changes to the beat.

How do I give credit to the Producer?

When you purchase an Exclusive beat, the Producers still have non-exclusive publishing rights. If you purchased a beat from Da Farmacy you need to give credit as: Da Farmacy.

Do you use samples?

Yes, sometimes.

How can I record my vocals? Can I come record them in your studio?

Yes, visit for more information.

Can I sell my beats on your site?


What advice do you have for a new artist?

We offer New Artist Consulting, visit the New Artist Consulting page for more information.

How do I find out about upcoming specials?

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